Thursday, December 08, 2005


Sure was Thursday, today. All day long. It has been a long time since five a.m., and Pawpaw had a rough day. However, everyone I love is home safe and warm, supper has been served and tomorrow will bring us to the weekend. I look with pleasure on a weekend with nothing much to do.

One beam of light is that my son, who has been unemployed since Hurricane Rita, landed a job today with Procter and Gamble, the soap people. He is going to be working in a warehouse, moving product from pallet to trucks. The pay isn't as good as he would like, but P&G is a company a fellow can move up in, grow with, and retire from. I have every expectation that with his work ethic and dependability, he will do just fine there, and might make a career in the soap industry.

Tomorow after work, I am going to secret myself into the shop and spend the evening reloading. I have a bunch of brass out there that needs filling. Saturday, or maybe Sunday, I'll get out to the range and empty some brass. It's a hobby.

I note with distaste, the latest Canadian gun-grab. The slippery slope from registration to confiscation seems even more slippery tonight.

To all my readers, Merry Christmas.

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Kelly(Mom of 6) said...

Congrats to your son! Being out of work is stressful and P&G is a good company.