Friday, December 02, 2005


I am reminded that this is the weekend of the Army-Navy game.

Football as it was meant to be. This is a huge rivalry, against a sister service, in the spirit of friendly competition. These players aren't playing for scholarships. These players aren't playing for the NFL draft. These young men are already in the service of our country, and have jobs when they graduate. Some of them will be career officers, some of them will leave the service. Some of them will die in a lonely field, far from home. All of them are heroes.

The cadets and midshipmen are already chosen for their athletic prowess, their academic skills, and their proven well-roundedness. They have no real reason to play a football game, except that football is an American game, and the Army-Navy game is an honorable contest.

All the soldiers in the field and all the sailors on the sea will try to catch a little of the game tomorrow, either on the radio, or on a television if they are lucky.

Go Army!

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Hunker Down said...

Paw Paw,

I agree with all of your comments except one - Go Navy!

This game is always fun to watch and helps remind me of the more important things that I am thankful for.

I have a small write up on the game from last night if you care to read it.

Here's to hoping it is another great game among great warriors and that all finish healthy.


Hamp Tanner