Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Cheer II

We had the children and grandchildren over this afternoon. We understand the hassle of seeing multiple parents on the holidays, so a month ago we asked for a consensus about when they wanted to come hang out with us. To a person, they voted for Christmas Eve. So, we celebrated today. Milady has to work tomorrow night, so she and I will hang out around the house tomorrow, eat leftovers and enjoy the Christmas day.

Pawpaw opened his heavy gift this evening, and was pleased to find a Lyman #55 powder measure and a spotting scope. Also in the package was a new Lee Reloading Manual and a new Nosler Reloading manual. I am truly pleased. In a related matter, my brother-in-law has been tinkering with a rifle in 260 Remington for his wife. Both manuals have complete loading infomation on that caliber and I will be happy to share with him. I haven't enjoyed a new reloading manual in five years, so these two are especially well recieved. I notice that Dick Lee has done some new research on cast bullet loads, with complete results on pressure and velocity on a number of calibers that normally use cast bullets. I will have to spend some time in those tables.

Milady was born in March of the year, and her collection of aquamarines was lacking. During a trip to my jeweler earlier this year I spotted a set with a ring and earrings. I had them on layaway and tonite she opened them. The sparkle in her eyes is complete.

The grandkids are gone to await Santa Claus. The dishes are washed. Pawpaw is preparing for a long winter nap.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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