Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Elections delayed

That's right folks, our own Louisiana Governor, Kathleen Blanco, has decided that the parish of Orleans isn't fit to hold elections. She signed a proclamation to that effect last Friday. The proclamation (PDF file) says it all.
"whereas, in order to ensure maximum citizen participation"
This isn't about destroyed polling places. This isn't about problems with voting machines. The reason this election is being postponed, plain and simple, is that the citizens that keep her in power have been scattered all over the United States.

You will also notice that the proclamation is only for Orleans Parish. It says nothing at all about Jefferson Parish, a traditional Republican stronghold. It says nothing about Plaquemine Parish. Just Orleans Parish.

Oh, no, folks. This is a power grab. Plain and simple. The voters that keep the Democratic machine in power have evacuated. The voters that could be counted on to maintain corrupt government have departed. We can't have an election now! The voters can't be counted on to keep us in power!


The legislature needs to start impeachment proceedings immediately. Governor Blanco is an embarrassment to Louisiana.


Standard Mischief said...

I'm not supporting Blanco, but the statute,


that lets her do this is vague. There ought to be a reasonable time limit for the delay of elections.

"The governor shall take such action only upon the certification of the secretary of state that a state of emergency exists."

Don't forget to call for the impeachment of the secretary of state too.

Here's another example from 2000,


So, it seems due to an ice storm back in 2000, there was a delay of the election for a whole four days, thanks to M.J. "Mike" Foster, Jr.

Looks like she can legally do it, and it looks like you have a law that needs to change.

oyster said...

Pawpaw, I think Orleans parish was the only parish that was going to hold elections in February: municipal elections.

These have been postponed, hopefully only a couple months.

j said...

>So, it seems due to an ice storm back in 2000, there was a delay of the election for a whole four days, thanks to M.J. "Mike" Foster, Jr.

I think the 2000 election you referenced was delayed so the old Republicans who had escaped the sudden cold via a trip to Florida in their motor homes could return and cast their ballots. . . .

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.........

Nick said...

A funny thing about Blanco, one of her cousins is a best friend of mine and groomsman in my upcoming wedding. His mom and Blanco are first cousins. Obviously he and his family voted for her last election. Many of those same REFUSE to vote for her if she seeks re-election.