Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas is over

Christmas is over, in the sense that today is the 26th. Milady and I will probably take the tree down this week, and things are starting to return to normal. I went into the shop this morning and reloaded some .243 Win. I was actually toying with my Lyman 55 measure, trying to learn to use the thing.

The Lyman 55 is made of metal, and I had a problem with static electricity. Not enough of a problem to be a deal-breaker, but enough of a problem to be frustrating. There was enough static that the powder didn't want to flow properly and would sometimes get stuck in the small drop tube. I know that some powders exhibit static problems more readily than others, and I was using Alliant Powder this morning. I probably just need to get some mica or graphite and run it through the measure, to coat everything and slick it up some.

One of the toys I got for Christmas is a little combination powder pan and funnel that Lyman makes. You can see one here. That little powder pan/funnel is a time-saver. It works good, too. No spilled powder that I could blame on it. I accidently tried to double-charge a case, and spilled powder all over the bench, but that isn't the funnel's fault. That just shows that you should pay attention to details while making ammo.

Milady worked last night, so she is asleep. Hopefully she'll wake soon so Pawpaw doesn't have to tiptoe around the house.

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