Monday, September 08, 2014


Daughter-in-law just texted me, telling me that a big 'ole rattlesnake came up the yard, and she dispatched it using a shotgun I loaned her last year.

Back last October, she told me that she needed a gun.  She lives in the country and the occasional varmint popped up when hubby wasn't around, and she needed a gun to deal with said varmints.  So, I commenced looking for a suitable varmint gun and found one at the pawn shop a week later.  This one, a NEF Partner shotgun.  Simple, durable, reliable.  20 gauge, a perfect varmint gun.  I loaned it to her, for the duration.

She used it today to dispatch a rattlesnake that had the temerity to wander up in the yard where my grandchildren play.  One shot with a light load of #8 shot, and that was a deceased rattlesnake.  Shame on him for showing up at Kimmie's house.

That shotgun was worth every penny I paid for it today.  Well done, Kimmie!


Retired Spook said...

Well played, Kimmie! Well played!

That shotgun is worth ten times what you paid for it!!!

Old NFO said...

Yep, VERY well done! Hatband time! ;-)

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

There is much to recommend a single shot shotgun. An operator with a single shot is more business-like about aiming and getting hits than hosers. Only hits count.

Single shot shotguns coined the term "Bang for the buck".