Saturday, May 27, 2006

Range Day

I had planned a range day this morning, then children started calling, so I took the kids. My kids, you understand, are parents too, so it wasn't like watching a group of youngsters. You can click on the pictures for full-sized photos

Here is my eldest, piddling with the .243. This was the first time he fired this particular rifle, first time he had been shooting in over a year. Notice the poor benchrest technique, but the excellent safety technique. Eye and ear protection, and good trigger finger technique. I didn't have to coach him. Dads should be aware that good teaching techniques when they are younger translate to good gun-handling when they are older.

This is his target. You'll have to ask him why he didn't shoot at the center of the bullseye, as his POA is marked on the bottom of the target. I attribute the two distinct groups to his benchrest tchinque, but this is a hunting rifle and has an inexpensive scope along with a sporter weight barrel. Group size for all five shots is only 1.6 inches. I have the scope set for my old eyes to be 1 inch high at 100 yards. This is good hunting accuracy.

This is second son, shooting his heavy barreled 7mm Magnum. Just after this picture was taken, he was busted by the range officer for not wearing eye protection. This kid can shoot. I wouldn't want to be anywhere within 500 yards of him if he were shooting at me.

Here is his target. It measures just 0.475. He has a clipping in his wallet of a target shot last year that measures 0.405. He can do this with boring repitition.

My love affair with the 311041 continues. After the boys got finished with the scoped rifles, we moved the targets up to the 25 yard line for pistol work. I broke out the .30-30 and fired a couple of targets with reduced loads. I couldn't get the little Meister bullets to shoot worth a damn, but the 311041, gaschecked, with LLA (Lee Liquid Alox lube 10.4 grs Unique - - this is a very mild load) turned in a very respectable 1.6 inch group. I forgot the tripod, so we couldn't use the chronograph, but the recoil was virtually non-existent. It shoots below point of aim, but that is mitigated by knowledge of your firearm. I'm certain I could hit bottles with it at a reasonable range, and it is certainly easy to record the sight settings. The bullet was stable and accuracy was good. It is a fun load to shoot. It should be useful for teaching children to shoot, to step up from a .22 to a centerfire rifle. Note** I just realized I marked the target wrong. Lyman doesn't make a 411031 bullet. That should be 311041. I do notice that the holes are round and close together. That is what cast shooting is all about.

We finished up with a little pistol fun, shooting a 9mm pistol, a .45 ACP, and a .25 ACP. Here is my eldest getting a little 9mm goodness. All in all, it was a morning spent very well.

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