Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Verily, Truth

A buddy sent me this one to share.

I have been happy in my life.  I love my family deeply and my wife completely, but there have been very few times I was as happy as when I was running a belt fed weapon.


mostly cajun said...

I dunno--

A good crew, a full rack of 105mm... a fresh set of targets on the 1200m berm, and clean panel on the 800m moving target...


Anonymous said...

1919A4 in 30-06, running 4:1 Ball/Trace belted (cloth, not linked (steel), and dynamite filled cars on the 200 yard range at private recreational shoot.

Vickers 1936 in .303, running 4:1 Ball/APIT at same shoot.

Maremont 1982 M60 on matching SN tripod, both straight from the factory with spare bbl, asbestos mit, T&E; before the FOPA '86.