Monday, July 25, 2016

The HIllary Standard

I nearly spit coffee through my nose when I read this morning that Hillary is complaining that she's judged by a different standard than the rest of us.  Yeah, really.
Clinton complained of a "Hillary standard" -- suggesting that she faces more scrutiny than other top-level politicians.
"I often feel like there's the Hillary standard and then there's the standard for everybody else," she said.
Asked to explain that, Clinton cited "unfounded, inaccurate, mean-spirited attacks with no basis in truth" which "take on a life of their own," pointing to Republicans' criticism at the party's convention in Cleveland last week.
She thinks she's being treated unfairly, that the attacks are "mean-spirited with no basis in truth".  Her words, not mine. I guess uthat she means that when James Comey refuses to recommend indictment, we shouldn't take notice, or when she and her husband gets huge fees for speeches to outfits which later benefit from her tenure as SecState.  Or maybe she thinks that we're being mean-sprited when we talk about Benghazi.

There is a double standard.  Hillary walks where other people go to jail.  She thinks it's unfair, but so do I.  Anyone else would have been fired, indicted, convicted, and jailed, but Hillary is allowed to seek the White House.  Ed Morrisey, at Hot Air, says it best.
Rather than facing prosecution, or even aggressive media scrutiny, Hillary’s on her way back to the White House. If this happened to anyone not named Clinton — and especially if it happened to a Republican — there is no way that would be the case. That’s the Hillary Standard, and in large part it’s the media that enforces it.
I think that The Hillary Standard is an indictment of our political system, that a corrupt, lying, demonstrably criminal element is allowed to rise so high in national politics.  The system won't discpline her, so it's left to The People to reject her.

UPDATE** I see that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed off the stage this morning at the Florida Delegate Breakfast.  Some are calling it disastrous.  I note, for the record that Wasserman Schultz has resigned as DNC chair in the wake of her own emaail scandal, and was immediately brought in to the Clinton campaign.  Just annother instance of one corrupt politican supporting another.

**Upate** The new DNC chair will be Donna Brazile.  When asked about the scandal that led to her appointment, he response was classic.  If you're going to lie, steal, and cheat your way to the nomination, don't use emails, do it over the phone.  That's good advise from one corrupto-crat to another.


Bob said...

And the audience is booing everyone introduced, to the point where the people in charge are begging the audience to stop booing.

Old NFO said...

Hell, Brazil is as guilty in that as Wassername... sigh And Clinton(s) DO get a double standard... dammit!!!