Sunday, July 24, 2016

More Democrat Email Problems.

Some of The People will be meeting this week in Philadelphia to anoint an unindicted criminal as the Democratic nominee for the presidency.  It's interesting to note that the chair-critter of the Democratic National Committee won't be speaking at the convention.  Rumors are, she's been quarantined following a WikiLeaks email dump which some say shows that the Democratic National Committee rigged the primary so that Hillary's coronation can be accomplished.

Following the year-long investigation into Hillary's email problems while she ran the State Department, it surprises me that anyone involved in politics uses email for anything more consequential than checking the status of an Amazon order.

Everyone who even casually watched the FBI investigation unfold knew that emails were a problem when you're planning corruption.  Dud the entire Democratic Party not get the memo, or did they just mindlessly hit Reply All when plotting corruption?  The mind boggles.

PawPaw probably won't be watching the convention on TV, just as I didn't watch the Republican convention on TV.  I'm not a big fan of television that approaches the absurd, and this nomination is so far out of rational politics to approach parody.  They're locked to nominate Hillary, and her opponent still has a campaign manager.  It's unreal.

I note for the record that the Republican convention was held in an open-carry state, and the sitting goernor refused to sign an executive order disarming the population.  Yet, no one was shot.  Amazing, isn't it?

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Old NFO said...

Yep, and lots less protesters showed up because they were 'scared they'd be shot'... Or so some MSM reports said...