Friday, July 29, 2016

The General Election

Hillary accepted the nomination last night, as we knew she would.  The primary season is over, and the race is on.  We'll see if the nation elects a political neophyte or a corrupt career criminal.  This is truly the race from hell.  The worst part is that one of them is going to win it.

The Democrats, to their eternal credit, are grousing because Donald Trump hasn't yet released his tax returns.  I don't know what that has to do with anything.  Thomas Jefferson certainly didn't release his tax returns.  I've read the constitution, and I don't see anything about releasing tax returns.  But, if they want to make an issue of it, perhaps the Clinton Foundation should release theirs as well.  I do note that the IRS has recently launched a probe into the pay-to-play antics of the Clinton Foundation, but I hold no real hope that they'll find anything.  After all, if FBI Director Comey couldn't find criminality, what is the probability that John Koskinen's investigators will find anything noteworthy?

Claire McCaskill is saying that we may have to prosecute Trump over his bon mot about Russia releasing Hillary's emails.  Yeah, Claire, you do that.  Start prosecuting political enemies.  That'd be great.

But, we're now in the general election, and it's a given that Hillary is not going to jail before November, so if we want to squelch her political aspirations, we'll have to do it at the polls.

It's up to the voters now.

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Old NFO said...

Two down, one to go... Sigh... And I quite honestly wonder how much ballot box stuffing we're going to see this year from the dems, and how hard they are going to work to cancel the military vote... again...