Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Notorious RBG

Not my characterization, but I see that some other wags have tagged Justice Ginsberg with that appellation.  After my post yesterday, the aged justice doubled-down on her criticism of Trump, calling him a faker.

I wonder if she's demented, or just doesn't care.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and there are few people as powerful as a Supreme Court Justice.  It might have finally gotten to her.  Perhaps the other justices should stage an intervention, and have the men with the white suits take her away.

It would restore some balance to the Court, and it's becoming plainly clear that Ginsberg is unbalanced, but I mean more about the philosophical balance of the Court.  With Ginsberg gone, there would be seven justices, and we don't need nine, as long as there is an odd number.

In fact, I'd be happy with only five, as long as tose five were staunch, originalist conservatives.  "Abortion?" they'd say, "nothing tn the constitution on abortion.  It can't be a right."

But, I dream of a time when we have justices that actually have read the Constitution, and understand that their job is to interpret it, not find words in there that aren't actually written.  In that regard, we only have Justice Thomas, who seems to have actually read the document.

But then, I am an idealist.

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