Sunday, July 03, 2016

Meat, Bread

In about a half hour, I'm going to light the grill.  Mine is an old fashioned, charcoal fired grill, and the menu for lunch will be simple.  Meat, bread.  There will be condiments if you insist, but as regular readers know, PawPaw and Milady cook a big lunch on Sunday and we feed everyone who walks through the door.  Because this weekend is the July 4th celebration, the menu today will feature beef.  Burgers and Hot Dogs, the classic American backyard fare.

Some things simply shouldn't he tinkered with.

As a nice palate cleanser, I give you the clip from Parks and Recreation, where Ron and Chris have a burger cook-off.

Happy Fourth, Everyone.

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Lergnom said...

As a survivor of family cookouts which featured kerosene-flavored meats, I'm always interested in finding out how successful grillers start their charcoal.
When the duty fell to me, I made a chimney type charcoal starter out of a clean #10 can. It worked beautifully for years. Then somebody pointed out that Home Depot had store-bought starters which worked better. I got one and never looked back.
Stay safe and enjoy the 4th