Saturday, June 18, 2016

Gainesville 2016

We found the range this morning, and got ready to shoot some wax bullets.  They did the "fun" shoots today and the main match will be tomorrow.

Zach shot doubles, and Texas Hold'Em.  I shot Texas Hold'Em and Shootist.

Zach shooting Texas Hold'Em.
Neither Zach nor I especially distinguished ourselves, but we did have a lot of fun.  Milady ain't much for the fun matches, and she certainly doesn't shoot the long gun, so she pretty much stayed in the shade today and visited with folks.

I did shoot in the Shootist category today with the long gun, and while I didn't necessarily distinguish myself, I didn't embarrass myself either.  I stayed alive through five matches before I got my third X.  The rig my son made for me worked just fine, and any fault today is mine alone.  Blame it on the heat, (index 113), or the competition, but I was actually relieved to get my third X and be able to leave the venue for someplace with air conditioning.

I used the leather cuffs my son made for me, and after a day with them, I see the utility.

Check out the leather cuffs; they worked great.
One of the CFDA rules requires men to wear long sleeved shirts, and I've found during competition that the cuffs on my shirts tend to get in my way.  I'm constantly pulling my sleeves up.Today, it wasn't an issue.  The leather cuffs trap the shirt sleeves and the shirt cuffs never get in the way.  They are a great addition to a cowboy outfit and you can believe that I'll be putting sweat patina on them.  I can't imagine shooting without them.

Tomorrow is the main match, and as soon as the match is over, we're getting in the car and taking the six hour trip home.  We'll take lots of pictures tomorrow, but don't look for any postings.  We'll be on the road until long after dark.


Old NFO said...

Glad it 'kinda' worked out for ya... Costume is looking good! :-)

The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

Glad you like the leather, pop. I'm pleased that it's working out for you.