Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Let's Not Be Hypocritical

Joe Huffman makes a pretty good point:

If she (and most of the Democrats who recently staged their little temper tantrum), wants to ban gunss, then she should tell her Secret Service staff to disarm.  If she doesn't like automatic weapons, tell her staff to leave them at the office.  If she doesn't like semi-autos, she should tell her protectors to leave them behind.

As a matter of fact, I'd support a national law that required politicians to rely on the same armament that is generally available to the general population in the jurisdiction at the time.  Further, to legislate  penalties for having armaments that are illegal in a particular jurisdiction to be the same as if a private citizen were caught with that armament or accouterment.  Let the politicians figure it out.

Fair is fair, after all, and we don't need officials who don't follow the same laws that the general public follows.


Judy said...

The Constitution says the rules apply equally to everybody.

Sher Khan said...

Yay! Concur!

Old NFO said...

Amen... sigh

Rivrdog said...

There is a movement for a 28th Amendment to the Constitution which would require that Congress and Federal offcials obey all the laws which Congress writes, no exemptions.

gfrey said...

It should be obvious that this needs to be done.
My only question is how do we reconcile this with the no congresscritter can be arrested while they are in session?

But double plus good on the ANYONE voting for gun control has to give up ARMED SECURITY for the rest of their life...