Monday, June 06, 2016

Monday Meanderings

It was a basic Monday, with a to-do list, which I accomplished early.  Laundry, check.  Errands, check.  Pool maintenance, check.  Everyday things that we all do.

But, I've got an anniversary coming up, and I had asked Milady what she might like for her anniversary gift.  She normally leaves me to my own devices, but she told me she'd think about it, and this afternoon after work, she dropped the hint.  She wants a hat, so I had her look on several sites and she found one she'd like to go with an outfit she's making for fast draw banquets.

It bills out as a Victorian Black Satin Teardrop Hat, and she found it at the link.  A little time on the keyboard, and I'm done.She's making an outfit for the shoot in Kentucky in September, and she thinks that this will go nicely with it.

And, I'm off the hook for our anniversary.  I might find a little something to surprise her with, but the pressure is off.

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Old NFO said...

LOL, you 'better' surprise her... Just sayin'