Monday, June 20, 2016

Resume Building

We dragged in last night about 2300 hours, local, after a weekend of gunfighting, telling tales, laughing and loving with good friends and old acquaintances.  The Tejano Joe Memorial shoot and fish fry are in the books.  It's over and done.  We had a ball, and I'd like to thank the North Texas Society of Gunfighters for putting on a great shoot in the blazing hot north Texas sun.

It was a scorcher this weekend, but we had enough shade, enough liquid and enough shooting to fill the two days.  And, we had sombreros, oh, Lord, did we have sombreros.

PawPaw wore his regular, wool Cav hat this weekend.  I should have put the straw hat in the car, but I didn't think about that before we left.  My bad, and you can be sure that next time a shoot threatens to be in the upper 90s, I'll have a straw hat in the car.

There were very few youth shooters this weekend, and grandson Zach was the only male youth.  So, they threw him in with the men.  The match was a 4X, which means that you had to lose four times before you had finished your day.  Zach drew some stiff opponents, to include Lightning Jesse, Brad Quick, Okie Ed, and PawPaw hisself.  His times were fast and his accuracy was good, but in the final analysis, he drew his four Xs pretty quickly.  But, he made everybody work for the win.  He was no push-over and in his matches, it came down to a single, final shot each time.  I was proud of the boy, he bantered with his opponents, made them work for the win, and earned the respect of everyone on the line.

After we left, headed east toward Texarkana, we were looking for a place to grab a bite of supper.  What I didn't realize is that the match organizers had included in their planning, a cash prize for the top shooters, and Zach had qualified to win a cash prize.  Yep, Zach won folding money this weekend, which makes him a professional gunfighter.

How many people do you know that can put Professional Gunfighter on their resume?

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Old NFO said...

Nice!!! And dang it, I wish I'd known you were up this way. I'd have driven over to say hi. I'm only about an hour from Greenville.