Tuesday, June 07, 2016


It's time for new spectacles, and PawPaw has an appointment with the eyeglass doctor in a couple of hours.  It's been too long, and at my advanced age and decrepitude, it's something I'll have to schedule regularly from now on.  When I was working for my Uncle, it was something that he took care of regularly, but in the intervening years, it's something that I let slide.

One thing that I will not do is choose frames.  I look through spectacles, not at them, so I really don't care what my frames look like.  The Army used to issue me black, horn-rimmed glasses and those suited me fine.  Milady knows that if left to my own devices, I'd pick out the cheapest, ugliest frames on the wall.  She'll meet me for lunch and we'll pick out some frames that she isn't ashamed to be seen in public with.

I've successfully resisted bifocals so far, but over the past year I realize that my reading-distance vision is fading.

Getting old ain't for sissies.


Anonymous said...

Ha, I'm at that "tri-focal" nonsense! Starting to think I need to get a set, special for target practice with my Colt 45.

Old NFO said...

Nope, it WILL screw with your sight picture... Plan on some range time to adapt the the 'new' look...

Anonymous said...

One thing for you to think about. I tried bi-focals years ago. The problem is that I could only see clearly directly in front of the lense. My vision above, below and off to either side was fuzzy and not sharp and clear. I couldn't stand it.

I wear mono-vision glasses. My left eye sees distance and my right eye sees close up. My brains shifts eyes automatically, seamlessly. I have never had any problems with this at all.

I know some people can't use these glasses because they give them headaches, but they work fine for me and my vision is significantly better. It is MUCH clearer and sharper.

I have suggested this to some friends who had their exam and then had the cheapest pair of lenses available made to try it out. It worked for some, not for others. They then had better lenses (coated, UV protected, etc.), made for permanent use, either mono-vision or bi-focals. The new frames worked either way.

Just a suggestion.


John said...

After finally getting the bifocals, (some years ago) I wished I had not waited so long.

Old NFO is exactly right, a glasses change means range time to adjust. If you EDC, train with your street glasses.

I have gone from bifocals with lines, to the lineless glasses. Shooting well with them has taken some practice.

Gerry N. said...

Just to show that there are differences between folks, last fall Da Missus and the tech at the glasses place browbeat me into accepting lineless bifocals. After two weeks of looking stylish, nasty headaches, tripping over things and throwing up, I went back to the glasses place and browbeat them into fitting my perfectly good, comfy old frames with new lenses with lines in them.

My (new) spectacles are as ugly as my old ones were but now I can see very well,indeed, and not throwing up and knocking into things is really quite nice.

As a much appreciated plus, the Point Of Aim thru my new blinkers is where it used to was with my shooting irons.