Thursday, June 09, 2016

Hospitals Bankrupt

It seems that three hospitals in Central Louisiana are filing for bankruptcy.
 The company that owns Oakdale Community Hospital, Winn Parish Medical Center and Avoyelles Hospital filed for bankruptcy, now many in those communities are worried because the next nearest hospital is around 30 miles away in each community.
That ain't good.  These facilities are vital to their communities, but the simple fact is that Obamacare has changed the way that we get our medical care.  The days of the friendly, horseback doctor making the house calls is long gone.  This article tries to explain the impact that the ACA has had on medical care.
 In 2013, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed.  Also known as Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act set out to cover the millions of Americans without health care.  The affect however has not yet been fully realized and it’s too early to know how it will affect the bottom line of hospitals.  Patients on the other hand, have learned that despite health insurance, medical bills continue to rise for various reasons.  Ultimately, when hospitals find too many of their patients in situations where they can’t pay for services rendered, it can likely lead to hospitals filing bankruptcy themselves.
Bankruptcy does not always result in the business closing its doors, but hospitals are generally thought to be steady, rock-solid bulwarks of the community.  Many people don't consider medicine as a business model, but the simple fact of the matter is that if you've got to hire orderlies, nurses, dietitians, doctors and administrators, there has to be a cash flow so that you can pay these people.  Somebody has to pay the light bill, somebody has to mop the floors, and they're not going to show up for work for free.

Medicine is a business and free medical care simply doesn't exist.


Anonymous said...

I'm a case manager in the emergency department in a town near a major military base. I work every day with "the people that need to be covered by the ACA".....BBBBWWWAAHAHAHAHAHA
Simply put; 'taint working!!!!
The "threat" of getting a fine for not having insurance rings hollow for these folks. If it can even ring in their befuddled, drug addled brains. The folks that the ADA is suppose to help, are exactly the folks that WON'T ever buy anything like insurance. I mean that would mean that they would have to decide between their next drug purchase, their next pack of cigs or their next tattoo. AND, they will tell you that all they have to do is show up at the ER and they will get taken care of; so why should they waste their money on something like insurance!
So the vaunted legacy that obimbler was seeking, is a typical progressive drag on the rest of society.
Oh and if you need any more examples from a guy that lives this crap; just ask; I have an opinion on everything!

Gerry N. said...

Another thing a lot,(as in most) people either can't or refuse to see is the difference between having health care and forcing someone else to pay for it.

If someone can afford drugs, alcohol, tobacco and tats, they can damn well afford a trip to the local Doc in a Box.