Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Politics of Gun Control

Hillary failed miserably yesterday at an attempt to push out another failed political narrative.  Most intelligent politicians who have competent staffs know that gun control is a toxic wasteland of lost elections.  But, we're talking about Hillary here, a failed politician who is a toxic wasteland of failed policies.

Why any percentage of Americans support her is a mystery, but I suspect that it is because a certain percentage of voters would support a dachshund if that canine had (D) behind his (or her) name.  Anything Hillary has ever touched has been either felonious or rejected by Americans at the polls.

But, let's turn to this latest outrage.  Someone on her staff tweeted out a Venn Diagram concerning gun control.  Tweeted it out over her name, so it's hers as fully as if she constructed the diagram herself.  Let's look at it, shall we?

There is so much wrong with this thing that it beggars explanation.  Poorly constructed, it sends absolutely the wrong message and enhances a false narrative.  Examined mathematically, it doesn't even support her message.

Tyler O'Neil over at PJ Media deconstructs it thoroughly, with reasons why it is both inaccurate, insulting to all Americans and indicative of her staff's competence (and, by extension, her competence).

The National Rifle Association endorsed Donald Trump yesterday.  Hillary, of course, immediately denied that she wants to gut the 2nd Amendment.  But, we know that Hillary lies.  She's lied to the American people, she's lied to Congress, she's been caught in lie, after lie, after lie.  Why anyone believes anything she says is another of life's huge mysteries.  Hillary is a liar.

Look, I get it that some people think that Donald Trump is the devil incarnate.  If you can't pull the lever for Trump, I understand.  But, in pulling the lever for Hillary, you're supporting a felon who will tell you absolutely anything to enrich herself and her family.  If you can't vote for Trump, better that you stay home, so as not to sully your honor by voting for a corrupt liar.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some chores to take care of, then I'm going to the range.


Anonymous said...

How many Bernie supporters are going to vote for Hillary? I think our strategy should be to encourage the Bernie Sanders supporters to stay home and not vote at all!

Anonymous said...

NOT voting for Trump is the same as voting for hillary.

Anonymous said...

It's a wonder there is anyone left alive today, after the first 200 years or so of our country having no background checks at all.
According to the progressives, we should have all been murdered several decades ago.
I wonder, in your LEO career, how many crimes you have solved (or know of having been solved) by back-tracing ownership via serial number or ATF form?