Saturday, May 14, 2016

Planting a Camellia

Camellias are lovely bushes, here in the South, they're usually shrubs.  They  make a lovely, white flower with a pleasant smell.  A blooming camellia will fill the yard with a nice, sweet, aroma.

Milady likes camellias and soon after moving to our little acre, she planted a camellia near a fence, in a well-watered spot.  It grew for about seven years, providing greenery and flowers in season.  Then, last year, it took a blight and died.  She asked me to cut it down, so the chainsaw was put to use and the camellia went away in the back of the truck.

But, just down the road is a little town, Forest Hill, which has carved out a niche for itself as a place filled with plant nurseries.  She made the trek yesterday and came home with a nice, little camellia filled with buds,. This morning I got a shovel and asked her where she'd like it.  The spot she picked has good soil, unlike most of our acre, which is pit-run, gravel and clay.

So, with shovel in hand, I dug a generous hole, unbound the roots from the pot and installed the camellia in the preferred location.

That's done.  Hopefully, it likes living here.  I see that a bloom opened last night, and that's a good sign.

Several members of our shooting society have traveled to Oklahoma for the state championships.  PawPaw is going to clean his revolvers and make ready to go open the range for those members who didn't go to Oklahoma.  The doors open about 12:30 and we'll begin shooting at 1:00.  When everyone is done, we'll close the range and head home.  Magically, almost coincidentally, when Milady and I return from the range, we always notice that Happy Hour is upon us.  It's funny how it works out like that.

Y'all have a great Saturday.  Milady and I will be playing today.

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Old NFO said...

Hope the shooting went well! :-) We had Camellias all over the place at Trout.