Monday, May 30, 2016

Francis, the One Eyed,Mountain Dog

This weekend, while the kids were over, I got to know Francis, the One Eyed Mountain Dog.

A female mutt, brindled, with overtones f some type bull dog or pug, but mainly mutt.  Son Joey's wife, Melissa, found her while they were visiting his mother in Eureka Springs, AR.  Whatever her story was before they found her, she was spayed and her eye had been stitched shut professionally.  When Joey and his wife found her, she was showing a lot of rib ad the collar she wore was so dry-rotted that it was almost ready to fall off.  Obviously a stray, we'll never know what happened to her previous owners.

With good care and regular food, she's "slicked-off" and is really a sweet dog.  She's also a bottomless pit.  Probably an artifact of the time when she was hungry and eating whatever she could find.  Francis is a good dog, gentle around kids, makes friends easily, fairly quiet, but she loves to eat.  She's also an affection sponge; she'll sit quietly and et you scratch her for as long as you're willing.

That's a good dog, right there.  Both she and Joey did good when they found each other.


Retired Spook said...

Sometimes, you get lucky, and the gems find you! We've got three foundlings, and I wouldn't take a solid-gold monkey for any one of them.

As you have pointed out in the past, sometimes the best ones find you.

Old NFO said...

Great story, and yes, once hungry ALWAYS hungry!

The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

I was cutting up vegetables today. She'll eat crook-neck squash, but she turned her nose up at celery. First thing I've given her that she won't eat!

Gerry N. said...

Da Missus and I have a 5 yr old rescue pit, a female named Bella. Sweetest critter in the Western Half of the U.S.A. Celery is the only thing I've found so far that she won't eat, either. The first thing Bella ate when she moved in was My Rx sunglasses, including the lenses. She's pretty good now, just takes stuff into the back yard and abandons it. Especially dish towels.

At least she stopped the adventurous eating.