Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Family Shoot

Beautiful day today, so we decided to set up the range and do a little shooting.

To practice our match procedure we decided to do a 2X, Last Man Standing Match.  To expalain that to you, each shooter drew an opponent, and shot a match against that opponent.  The winner got to go on, the loser got an X.  After a while, we had two shooters clean, and a bunch of 1X shooters, so we drew again to determine who got the second X, and who got to stay in the shoot.  At the end, we had a good idea of who won the match and who was out.  As it fell out, PawPaw won the match, shooting clean, Blue Eyed Belle prevailed over Akarate Zach in a shootoff, giving him the second X.  Everyone else was already out, so it was Major D - st, Blue Eyed Belle - 2nd, and Akarate Zach - 3rd.  Other shooters were Matt Basterson,   Barrett, and Mike.  We let 5 year old Lucas crank off a few shots under strict parental supervision between matches.

But, for your video enjoyment, here is a video of Blue Eyed Belle vs Matt Basterson.  Belle got the X in this match, but she managed to put him out of the contest in a later match.  Speed ain't everything in this game.

Belle shot well today, and she's sneaking up on the one-second mark.  Everyone shot well today, even though many of the family members don't get to shoot as often as we do.  Still, an afternoon in the backyard shooting with family is just about the best Sunday we can have.

1, 2, and 3.  PawPaw, Grandma, and Zach.  A great end to a great Sunday.

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