Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Mental Tab Clearing

Long Day yesterday.  No problems to speak of, but it's been a while since I worked a sixteen.  Tired.

It looks like Trump is the last man standing in the Republican clown show.  No links, because it's all over the news.  Now, the games begin.  Wonder who he'll pick for Veep?

I've got a holster coming.  What I see so far, is looking pretty good.  Full story here.

Working on a flyer for the Fast Draw club.  I had one made, several months ago, but I can't find it on hard-drives, computers, or flash memory.  The darn thing fell down the memory-hole.  No problem, I needed to update it anyway.  This time I made sure I saved it.

When you start buying wax bullets in bulk (like 10K) at a time, you know you have a problem.  But it's a good problem to have.  The order should be in for the weekend.  I'm down to my last thousand.

The weather is beautiful here in central Louisiana.  In just a few minutes, I'm going to get up, strap up and go out to the practice range.  I need to totally re-work my draw.  I picked up some tips in Fort Worth, and it's time to start over.  After I get it down, 10,000 practice draws should set the muscle memory.

After practice, I'm going to crack a bottle of Jim Beam.

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