Monday, May 23, 2016

In The Mail

Mom told me last week that she had seen a leather embossing kit at a local auction, and asked if we wanted it if it were available again this week.  I told her sure.  My boy does leather work, and old tools are cool regardless.

Today in the mail, I found a small package.

Upon opening the box, I found an alphabet set, just like it says on the box.

I dropped a penny in the box to provide  visual scale.  Very cool.  Very cool indeed.

According to this article, Craftool leather dies are almost impossible to date.  The company was founded in 1947 and Tandy leather bought them in 1959,  The tools have been almost continuously produced since that time.  This box shows patina, and the tool shows honest use, but overall, I'd say that this set is in very good condition.  In fact, you can buy them today, in 1/2", 3/4" and 1" size.  It appears that these are the 1/2 inch stamps.

Thanks, Mom, and I'll see that it gets in the right hands.


The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

I was going to buy a set of Alphabet stamps this afternoon when I got off work. Mom saved me the money and the trouble. Thanks big-big.

Gerry N. said...

My Dad,G-d bless his soul, Gave me the 3/4" set as a Grad. present when I graduated from Boat Building school in 1966. Yup, I've still got'em along with the rawhide mallet he gave me along with them. There's no one who will want 'em when I shuffle of this mortal coil, I'm tryin' to figure how to take 'em with me.

Farmist said...

I have a set of 3/4" that I bought sometime around 1970, and by that time they came in a plastic box. I'd have to say your set is probably a decade or more older than that.