Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Hits, They Keep On COming.

Mary Landrieu, our  besieged senior senator from Louisiana, is having a rough week.  It's bad enough that we learn that she doesn't live in Louisiana, nor does she own a home in this fair state,   But, today we learn that she hasn't paid the taxes on her brick mansion in Washington DC.
The home is listed under the name of Landrieu's husband, lawyer and real estate agent Frank Snellings, and the couple has accrued just over $1,000 in tax penalties in the second half of last year; interest brings the total penalty to $1,206.95 as of February 2.
Really, Senator?  On your salary you can't afford to pay property taxes like millions of your constituents?  I use the word "constituent" loosely, because Mary hasn't lived in this state in years.  This is the place she comes to get re-elected.

Pay your taxes, Mary.  Millions of the people you represent pay taxes every year.  Besides, after this election I'm sure that you can find a good lobbying gig.  You're going to need it.

PawPaw is endorsing Rob Maness for US Senator.  Let's send a tried, tested non-politician to the Senate.


Old NFO said...

Why am I not surprised... She's a do as I SAY, not as I do type... Just like her daddy...

Termite said...

I thought one had to claim residence for "home of record" for tax and DL purposes? Some one should check NCIC(or whatever it's called these days) for state of residency for her DL.