Friday, September 05, 2014

Finally Friday

Finally  Friday and the work week is done.  I came home today and cleaned up that Model 10-2 and tried to get some better pictures of it.  Not being a professional photographer, I'm not good at things like lighting and apertures and such, although my Canon digital camera does a pretty good job when I let it do it's thing.

I've never had good luck taking pictures of a blued revolver, but I think this more accurately reflects what the gun looks like.

Of course, you can click on the picture for a larger version.  It's got a little holster wear at the muzzle, something I've come to expect on older revolvers, because they were carried.  I'm beginning to suspect that this one was carried more than it was fired.


Sport Pilot said...

I concur with your assessment of the 10-2 in question having been carried more than its been fired. Its probably an old LEO revolver or a security guards. That can either be a good or bad thing but in my experience most LEA trade ins were good.

Theother Ryan said...

Without seeing the insides it looks like this gun was carried a lot and shot a little.

I love older Smith's and most specifically the K Frames. Generally I am not sentimental about weapons but those old wheel guns have something special. The S&W K frames, the Winchester 94 and the 870 Wingmaster are my guilty pleasures.

JPG said...

I really like your new acquisition.
As a rookie deputy, 67--69, I was slightly disdainful of the ol' style, fixed sight .38s. I carried target sighted magnums,seeing that NO uniformed officers were allowed auto pistols.

A few years on, I chose a .45 auto for everyday duty use, but gradually came to my senses about the mid-frame .38 wheel guns. Local dealers joke that no K-frame is safe from my clutches. No, I can't afford to buy 'em all, but I'll sure look.

Rich Jordan said...

if you take pics outside on a cloudy day, or on a bright day but in the shade of the house or an awning, you can often get much better and clearer photos. Almost or no shadows, no glare spots.

I'm no expert but I've had some really nice pictures of items taken that way (not guns though, my neighbors here in ill-annoy would panic).