Saturday, September 13, 2014


Got up this morning, made coffee, and wandered out to the patio, where I noticed a distinct chill in the air.  Not cold, but decidedly more pleasant than the weather has been all week.  Indeed, since April.  For folks acclimated to 80 degree weather before 8 a.m., having it be in the 60s at daylight is a decided change.

A quick look at the surface map shows me that a huge bubble of cool air has fallen across the US this week, and finally made it down to our little wet state.

That's a big ol' front, stretching from Virginia to Washington state, all along the coast. As weather maps go, that is fairly interesting.  For a few days, at least, Louisiana is under moderate temperatures and for that I am grateful.  I guess I should go put on some socks.

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