Tuesday, September 30, 2014

That Election

Everyone is watching the election playing out in Louisiana right now, where incumbent Mary Landrieu is in the fight of her political life.  She's challenged by the Republican pretender, Bill Cassidy, a favorite of the political class, and by a new upstart, Rob Maness who is still gaining momentum, although his numbers are in the high teens.

Louisiana famously, has what is called a "jungle primary" where everyone interested in the office runs in the same primary, regardless of party affiliation.  The top two vote-getters are paired in a runoff election, if no one gets over 50% in the primary.  This rule insures that the winner gets the majority of the vote.  You can't be elected in Louisiana without a clear majority.

Elbert Guillory is a state senator, representing most of St. Landry parish and the northern part of Lafayette parish.  In the below ad, he slams Mary Landrieu for ignoring the black community.

Great ad from a prominent state senator.

In the first go-round, I'm voting for Rob Maness.    He's a long shot to win it, but he's running a good campaign and I like his message.


Old NFO said...

That one is a home run! Maness should get a boost from it!

Theother Ryan said...

The ads on tv and my computer seem to say the Rep's are going after Landrieu big time.