Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We The People

We The People are perhaps the strongest words in the American Experiment and the opening words of our Constitution.  It behooves American officials to listen to The People, because that's where the power lies.  From our most powerful national offices to our most humble local offices, the officials there had better listen to The People, or suffer the consequences.

I was privileged last night to be at such a meeting, where The People showed up to voice their opinions, to make demands, and to chastise their elected officials.  In a stunning display of common  sense and civic virtue, those same officials decided that The People were right, and amended their policies to reflect the will of The People.

As I told someone last night, it's best to listen to The People, especially when they show up in mass.  As long as they don't show up with sacks of feathers and buckets of tar, we'll be okay.


Old NFO said...

But tar and feathers IS something to keep handy... :-)

Matt said...

And possibly a rail, to run someone out of town on!

Anonymous said...

Reading the story, I find it refreshing to see that several HS students were concerned that the "new" system would have helped the bottom rungs, but hindered those at the right of the Bell Curve.

Precision270 said...

Glad to hear some still listen to the proles.

tar, feathers - I need to lay in a supply

rail - check

powder, dry - check

ear to the ground - check

walking the walk - check

holding my local offices of corruption and personal gain to account - check

Anonymous said...

Just changed my party from a lifelong Dem to Republic. Can not abide the misuse of our Constitution and our Country.
Interesting to see what comes this fall.
Jo (Grammie in