Thursday, September 04, 2014

Smith and Wesson Model 10-2

The Smith and Wesson Model 10 is an iconic revolver.  A basic, K-frame revolver in .38 SW Special, it's been made in one form or another since 1899, a successor to the Hand Ejector.  Before Smith and Wesson designated their revolvers by model number, the Model 10 was also known as the Military and Police, or alternatively the Victory model.  A quick history is here, but the main point is that Smith and Wesson has made a bunch of these revolvers and they're iconic.

Last week, a coworker told me that there was a new gun shop in town, and he told me that there was an old Smith and Wesson revolver in the consignment rack.  Today during a break I found the place, a tiny shop wedged into the corner of a building.  I walked in and asked about the old revolver.  The lady brought it out from the counter.

It's a 10-2, a 4" tapered barrel revolver.  Fixed sights, .38 Special, pinned barrel, nothing special about this revolver at all, except that I'm a fan of old revolvers and according to this site, this particular one was made in 1961,  I've  never owned a Model 10, but I've always liked them as basic, rugged revolvers.  They certainly have a time-tested design.  I did a quick Jim March checkout, and while the outside of the revolver has flaws, the internals seem fine.  It locks up tight, timing seems good, and the blueing is a lot nicer than the picture indicates.

After a little dickering, the price became right.  Very right, and I filled out a 4473.


Anonymous said...

I shot a very similar M10 for the first almost exactly a year ago. Although I
have shot a lot of S&W revolvers I had
missed the M10.

It was a good experience. The "pencil"
barrel pointed well, the fixed sights were usable and regulated for
158 grain rounds. (The front sight
worked very well for me.)

My reloads were made with 158 grain LSWCs with a light
charge of Bullseye. So, no tin can was

I haven't bought a Model 10 yet myself, but I have been looking at them whenever they show up in gunstores I
find in my travels.

Gerry N. said...

The second centerfirt handgun I owned was a parkerized Victory Model M10. I loved that ol' pot iron and almost cried when I had to sell it to pay rent after I got married. About three years ago I replaced it with a pretty close copy, a Taurus 92. Slightly improved with adjustable sights, but it feels the same.

Gerry N.

Sport Pilot said...

I have two pre-M-10's one five screw one four screw, 4" Barrel Blued and LEA trade ins. I also have a early 1970's M-10 with the same tapered barrel traded in by the same agency. The five screw has a DA/SA trigger pull that's amazing. Enjoy your purchase.

Old NFO said...

Nice find! Now if could run across an old Colt... ;-)

Rich Jordan said...

Closest I've shot and used is a 5" Victory revolver. I love that gun.