Saturday, September 20, 2014

Wind Chimes

Milady and I like wind chimes, as a casual observer of our back patio can attest.  Big ones, little ones, we like them all.  Last night at the auction, a set of wind chimes came up on the block, and Milady picked them up for a song.

This morning, I trekked to Lowe's for hardware.

They sound pretty good.  More baritone than the little twinkly ones.  Of course, you can click on the pic for a better view, and yes, that yellow square on the right is a fly-swatter.  Didn't notice it until I took the picture, and I've been looking for that thing for a week.


Old NFO said...

LOL, what is it they say, "Hello snake?"

Anonymous said...

Some of those little ones are so tinny; they just send a chill up my spine. Now those big 'uns have a very mellow deep sound that resonates with me. Wonder if we aren't all "tuned" to a certain frequency and any instrument that matches our frequency makes us "feel" better.