Thursday, July 04, 2013

The Beer Locker

I don't drink much beer, but when I do, I like variety.  So, every three or four months, I'll go down to the local package store to see what's in the back room.  The proprietor has broken six-packs that he can't sell, and he makes me a good deal on a case of mixed beer.  It clears out his stockroom, it gives me an opportunity to sample something new, and it comes at a very attractive price.

Let's see what we have there.  We've got some Tecate, some Sam Adams, some Blue Moon, and some Dos Equis.  There's Killians, there's Guiness Black Lager, and there's Beck's Sapphire.  I even think that there's one Hard Lemonade, one Red's Apple Ale, and one misplaced Coors Light back there.

The family is coming over on Saturday for our bi-weekly gathering.  That should suffice for the beer palates.

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mostly cajun said...

You're wasting the good stuff. Keep an icechest filled with pseudo-beers and 'training beers', the second identifiable by variations of the word 'light' in the name.

That will take care of the majority of 'beer drinkers, and you can st back later and have a real one and relax.