Monday, July 15, 2013

Make a cheek riser

Many of us buy a rifle and mount a scope on it, only to find that the comb of the rifle is too low to properly look through the scope.  We need a cheek riser.  Proper cheek weld is important to your marksmanship and there's nothing quite as aggravating as having to move your head around to see through the scope.  There are several ways of curing this problem, and you can find stocks that have adjustable combs, you can buy add-on cheek risers, or you can make your own.

Being the frugal sort of guy that I am, I looked around at locally available items that might suffice.  The first thing I found was an elastic buttstock ammo holder.  These things normally hold nine rounds of rifle ammo and can be found in any of the big box stores, normally for under $5.00.  All by themselves, they're a worthy addition to any hunting rifle, and I normally pick up a couple a year.  Someone is always needing one, and I try to keep several extras on hand.  That's half of the answer to a cheek riser.

Because the ammo holder is elastic, you can put something under it to raise the comb of the rifle.  I like to use common pipe insulation, although even a child's swim noodle would suffice.  In the photo below, I've cut up a piece of old swim noodle to demonstrate.

That baby-blue thing is a piece of a kid's swim noodle.  I prefer pipe insulation that I get at the hardware store because it seems to be more durable, and one piece of insulation could be used to make a dozen cheek risers.  Simply insert it between the stock and the elastic ammo holder.  It may take several tries to get the right height, but this is the best way I've found to inexpensively raise the comb of a rifle. 

You're welcome.

**UPDATE**   I posted my handyman fix on a forum, and a commenter led me to the Beartooth Comb Raising Kit.  At $22.95, this looks like a good, inexpensive fix.  It's remarkably similar to my cobbled-together cheek riser.  I may have to buy one to try.


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Old NFO said...

Yep, works MUCH better than Styrofoam... Don't ask me how I know that... sigh

Anonymous said...

I have used neoprene comb raising kits on straight stocked rifles with scopes for over 20 years. Comfortable, no bruised cheek from recoil, works for both right and left handers. After you have it positioned where you want it, you will have to make a small hole for the sling stud.

Gerry N. said...

Some of us go to great expense to moung a scope on a well loved rifle only to find that we do as well or better with a decent reciever sight.

I Learned that the hard way with a little Swede Mauser carbine someone had kludged into a "sporter". I had a straight handled Swede Mauser bolt reworked to clear a scope, the barrel rechambered for 6.5mm/.308 (now 260 Rem.) and a Weaver K4 in Leupold rings put on and the safety changed to clear the scope. It didn't shoot one iota better for me so I took off the scope and put on a Williams Foolproof sight. All that was over 45 years ago and that little rifle still shoots as well as it ever did. As luck sometimes has it, my wildcat chambering functions very well with .260 Rem Factory ammo and reloads made from the empties with only neck sizing.

Gerry N