Monday, July 08, 2013

Retrainer - Day 1

Every year, every cop in the US is required to go through a retrainer, normally three days of  re-training, to bring us up to speed on the latest techniques, make sure that we're still competent, and to make sure that we have the basic qualifications to do the job.

Today was Weapons Retention.  A very good subject for a street cop, and an especially good subject for a school-house cop.  The instruction was very good and we got plenty of opportunity to practice techniques.  It was good training.  Now I'm a little bit sore, and a little bit tired.  I'm also bleeding a little bit, but that's not the fault of the instructor.  PawPaw is on blood thinners and any little scratch tends to bleed all out of proportion to its size.  I got a little bitty cut on my wrist from being scraped with a front sight post, and you'd have thought that my sparring partner had gotten into a major artery.  Blood everywhere.  PawPaw's okay, but I've got a bid ole bandage on my wrist.

Tomorrow, firearms qualifications.  My favorite part of the retrainer.  I'm gathering off-duty and backup guns.  I intend to qualify with as many as they'll let me shoot tomorrow.  I'll make sure I have plenty of water for hydration, and plenty of band-aids in the vehicle.

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Old NFO said...

Good for you being actively involved in the retraining... Many try to coast through that rather than actually 'work' at it...