Saturday, July 13, 2013

At the Auction

Milady and I went to the auction last night.  She was pressed into service as the clerk, as the normal clerk is on vacation.  We did well.

They were selling .22LR ammo and the bidding quickly went way beyond what I thought was reasonable, even in these shortage times, so I let them walk.  Next up was a couple of boxes of centerfire pistol ammo and I threw my paddle in the air.  Got them both at pre-shortage prices.  Not a bad deal for good, clean, reloadable factory ammo.

A few items later, and the block held a trombone.  We have a grandson that plays trombone seriously.  He'll probably go to college on a music scholarship.  He's already been offered a couple of scholarships and he's not yet in his senior year.  So, when Milady saw the instrument, she decided to bid on it.  If nothing else, it will make a good "extra" trombone in the event he needs another. 

I admit, I know nothing about trombones, and we didn't have time to research this particular model, but Milady won it at an extremely attractive price.  Really, extremely attractive price.  I figured that the case was worth more than she paid for the whole lot.  When we got home, I researched it.  It's a Holston TR602, a student trombone, but evidently one of the better student trombones.  Granted, it's used, but it isn't rough.  And for the price Milady paid, she got one heck of a screaming deal.

Brother-in-law wanted a squirrel feeder, and sure enough, we found a squirrel feeder to bid on.  And won it.

So, last night we bought handgun ammo, a squirrel feeder, and a trombone.  There's no telling what you're going to find at a good auction.

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