Monday, July 01, 2013


A snowcone is an easy treat on a summer afternoon.  Nothing but shaved ice and flavoring, the snowcone stand is ubiquitous around the South.  Today after lunch, the boy-o and I decided to trek to a snowcone stand for a tasty treat.

His favorite flavor?  Watermelon, while PawPaw opted for the Blue Bubbegum.  Milady, as always chose a local favorite, Tiger's Blood, which has cinnamon overtones.

With temps in the low nineties, a snowcone is a welcome relief.  Of course, brain-freeze is a constant threat.


David said...

I was always partial to chocolate flavoring with marshmallow cream.

Gerry N. said...

Having been born into the family that invented coppe wire (Two Norwegian farmers arguing over a penny.) I could never, even as a kid, justify the expense of a snow cone when there were limitless snow cones available at home. Mom made syrups of sundry flavors and would shave ice off a block with a potato peeler. A vanilla snow cone flavored with real vanilla extract is an experience.

Old NFO said...

I always remember the cherry ones!!!

Rivrdog said...

Brain-freeze, heh!

The resident puss, Houdini, eats mostly kibble, but I give him one meal a day of cheapie Friskies mixed fish parts, which used to be labeled "Captain's Plate". Sorry-ass Captain who would ever serve THAT to his crew...

The can makes four meals, and has to be refrigerated after the first meal. When I serve the furball his next meal from the can, it is just above freezing. The cat REALLY likes the fishy food, and will gobble it down, but then suffers brain-freeze, and ambles about shaking his head for a minute or so.

I may have a warped sense of humor, but I find that funny. For all you PETA/ASPCA filk, yes, I did try taking the chill off the food in the microwave, but that apparently alters the flavor and the cat doesn't like it then.

Brain-freeze, weird for grandboys AND big orange furbies.