Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Retrainer - Day 2

We got to the range this morning, and promptly began our annual qualifications, using the Louisiana POST course.  PawPaw qualified easily with his service pistol, then after the targets were scored and recorded, the range master asked if anyone wanted to shoot with other handguns.  I qualified in the second order with my Kimber 1911, several points higher than I qualified with the service pistol.  In the third firing order I was out on the line with my J-frame, and I dropped enough points with the snub nose that I didn't qualify.  After that order, we cleaned the range and broke for lunch.  The firearms instructor asked if anyone wanted to qualify with patrol rifles, and of course I posted a target and headed to the line.  I qualified easily with the AR, and early in the afternoon we were released for the day.

I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong with the J-frame.    A little practice and the qualification should come easily, but I haven't shot the Airweight as much as I have the other pistols.  For those interested, the Louisiana POST handgun course is online here

For the record, it was hot out there today.  I'm soaked in sweat to my skivvies, and shortly I intend to remedy that situation.


Termite said...

Id Hilton going to let you go back to the Kimber?

Anonymous said...

If you don't mind answering,
what part of the POST gave you the most trouble with the J-frame?

Rivrdog said...

Let's see: full-size service pistol, big grip striker or single action trigger on both of the semi-autos, double-action, small grip, light weight in your Airweight.

Reloading with the service pistols is easy, with the little five-shooter, not as fast. Your LA POST link doesn't say if you shoot less rounds with a revolver, but if not, that's a huge disadvantage.

Does the Sheriff have a "off-duty gun" program? Maybe that's where to get your J-frame quals done.

Pawpaw said...

Anonymous. The part where they count the holes in the target.[/snark]
I believe that the 25 yard line gave me problems.

The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

In regards to qualifying with the j-frame: when doing so with mine, I just accepted that the sights were horrid, and decided to work with them. A few days before quals, I went and shot it, being careful to line everything up properly. My j-frame is pretty dead-on up and down, but shoots to the right of point of aim. At the 25 yard line, I lined up the sights all the way to the left of the center mass, on the edge of the target. At 15 yards, I lined up on the left edge of the 2 ring. In closer, I aimed at dead center mass. Got 90% that way.

It's not perfect, but knowing exactly where a gun shoots makes a difference when you can't adjust the sights.

Anonymous said...

I thought it might be the longer
distances, or reloading.

I have had my troubles with both.

Rivrdog said...

Buy a Ruger SP101. Same 5 shots, more weight for better recoil management, real sights, that excellent grip which Hogue would like to copy...

Shoot it Single Action from the barricade positions.

You'll qualify, probably at Police Master level. I did.