Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rainy Thursday

It's been a rainy Thursday, and since I couldn't get out to do any work, I didn't.  I dragged the pit under the drip line and I lit the fire.  I've got a whole chicken in there, and potatoes on the stove for 'tater salad.  In another few minutes I'll put some sausage on to whet the appetite.  As I type this, the thunder is still rolling, with pop up showers all around us.

I simply rub the chicken with a good rub, then light a medium fire with lots of smoke.  You can't see the smoke, but it's wafting out of the seams in the pit.  That chicken will be done in another hour.

Sometime during the middle of the afternoon, the UPS guy stopped by with a package.  The holster for Milady's revolver has arrived.  I ordered it from El Paso Saddlery, and it's a beautiful piece of leather.  I figured that a holster maker who's been crafting leather since 1889 should have a pattern for a holster to fit a Colt Pocket Positive and I was right.  That's some good looking leather, with a nice fit.  Just what you'd expect from a custom holster, and I'm sure that it will serve her well.

Isn't that a beauty?  Milady likes it, it fits the little revolver, and now if Milady chooses to go strapped, she's got a snazzy piece of leather to show off.  She'll probably never go heeled, but she might decide to wear it to a barbeque.  That would cause a twitter amongst the ladies, wouldn't it?

If y'all will forgive me, I've got to put on some sausage.

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