Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vacation Pictures

Taking pictures at the Beach House.  First, my sister raising hell at me for getting a camera near her.

Then, a picture of my mother, looking at my sister raising hell at me.

Then, a picture of Milady, watching my sister raise hell at me.

Can anyone detect a pattern here?


Old NFO said...

Ummm... You're outnumbered??? :-)

Gerry N. said...

My wife's aunt Didi is certified bats in the belfy nuts and has a phobia about having her picture taken. She also has a "Intelligence Challenged" 56 yr old son who doesn't have one picture of his mom. At a family reunion a few years back I got half a dozen good images of Aunt Didi with my then shiny new digital camera. Auntie Didi has since gone to her maker, so I took the memory card to a camera shop and had 8x10 glossies made of three of the best images I had, put 'em in nice frames and sent them to the home Son lives in last Christmas. The director of the home called me shortly after and said he'd never seen Son so happy in the twenty some years he's lived at the Home. Pictures of Mom, priceless. Cost to me, less than a few drinks in a nice lounge.

Wayfarer beach house said...

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