Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Here's your Problem

Between chores this morning, I googled to ask if the theater in Aurora was a gun free zone.  In 0.13 seconds, I got 750,000 results.  Turns out, Cinemark Century Theaters is in fact a gun free zone.  The company, standing firmly on property rights, has a policy that no one can carry a gun in their theaters.  So, while the red-headed sonofabitch knew that Colorado is a concealed carry state, he also probably knew that the theater didn't allow law-abiding citizens the right to protect themselves from murderous evil.

So, while Roger Ebert wonders why no one shot back, the answer is sparklingly clear and Roger would have known this if the took 0.13 of a second to Google it.  No one shot back because the law forbid it.  The theater is a gun-free zone and law abiding citizens check their freedom at the door.

There's your problem, right there.


Termite said...

What's Louisiana's legal stance on ignoring such a sign/policy on property that is not otherwise off-limits for CCW(like public schools, courthouses, etc)?
Would the CCW holder simply be told to leave(or else be charged with trespassing), or would they be arrested for ignoring the sign?

Old NFO said...

Depends on whether it's considered a 'legal' sign or an 'advisory' sign... e.g. advisory means they have to ask you to leave and if you do, no harm no foul.

Pawpaw said...

Good question, Termite, and one that Louisiana doesn't specifically cover. If I, as a LA LEO were called to a private business and there was someone there carrying a gun that the management didn't want on the premises, I'd handle it like a trespassing complaint as long as the gun stayed holstered and everyone was being polite and cordial.

Dean said...

I am from Colorado and although they have the right as property owners to post the sign, it doesn't carry the weight of law here. In other words if you are found to be carrying they can make you leave but you haven't broken the law. Concealed is concealed and big boy rules apply. I live in western CO and although I don't personally know of any theatres that ban CC here I would think that even if they had a sign this guy would have been met with gunfire if he tried it over here. There are just too many average joes with guns on them at any particular public place to make these things places a good idea for these nut jobs to attack. They may be crazy but that doesn't make them dumb. Getting shot as soon as they pull their gun isn't the blaze of glory they envision hence the attacks on gun free zones.