Thursday, July 12, 2012

Destroy the Pyramids

It seems that some clerics in Egypt want to destroy the Pyramids.
According to several reports in the Arabic media, prominent Muslim clerics have begun to call for the demolition of Egypt’s Great Pyramids—or, in the words of Saudi Sheikh Ali bin Said al-Rabi‘i, those “symbols of paganism,”
Yeah. Y'all have fun with that.  In fairness, Egyptians built them, so I guess Egyptians can tear them down.  It'll be really interesting to see what they do with all the rubble, or if aliens show up to help them.  Of course, the whole world will decry the loss of antiquities.  And, that will remove a huge tourist, academic, and economic draw from the country and the whole place might descend into the middle ages, which seems to the intention of every Muslim cleric who has made the news lately.

UPDATE in comments:  It's a hoax, but I don't put it past them.  Look what they're doing to Timbuctu.

Hat tip to Jeff, at Alphecca.


Editor B said...

It's a hoax.


Pawpaw said...

Well, okay. I've been hoaxed before. It would be cool is the aliens showed up.

Gerry Nygaard said...

I have, or rather HAD, a mooslimb friend who agrees with the ultra nutso fundamentalist mooslimes tearing down antiquities as heretical to islam. I said I was on his side just as long as no mooslime was allowed to use any technological, societal or medical object, or idea that was put into use after the year 700AD. He was agreeable to this until I pointed out some things he could no longer do. Ride in a car, train, airplane, wear synthetic clothing, eat food that was produced in any part by machinery, go to a modern doctor or hospital, have access to common things like running water, houses built of anything other than raw stone, animal dung or mud, watch TV, talk on a telephone, see a movie, read a book, write with anything other than a home made wooden stylus on a mud tablet, the list goes on and on. He got pissed and said I missed the point. I told him to go chase himself. We are no longer friends. No particular loss. At least not on my part.