Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The beignet is a Louisiana donut.  It's fried and rolled in powdered sugar, but we don't put a hole in ours.  Ours are square and sometimes flat.  The corners are chewy and the powdered sugar makes a mess, but oh, they're good.   Made famous by Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, many consider them to be a New Orleans delicacy when the truth is that they're easily made with any good yeast bread dough. 

Here in Myrtle Beach, Momma decided to make beignets for our breakfast this morning, so the ladies set up an assembly line.

Rolled in powdered sugar, they look like this.

Really, they're simple.  Take any frozen yeast roll you find at the grocers, pat it flat and square, fry it in oil, then roll it in confectioners sugar. 


Old NFO said...

And I found a place up here that actually DOES have beignets, and cajun coffee! AND they even have traditional muffuletta sandwiches for lunch!

Old NFO said...

And this morning I stopped by on the way to work and got three and a cup of coffee :-)