Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Morning Dawg

Lately, I've been trusting the dog off his leash, and he's responding well.  Last week, we explored the lot next to the house and the dog enjoyed his exploring.

A classic pointing pose, although he's not a pointer and there were no birds in sight.  I think he was simply walking up the hill.

I'm not sure what was under that log that riveted his attention.  It may simply have been the pond water, or there might have been a critter under there.  We'll never know.

We should be home late this afternoon, and pick the dog up from the groomer tomorrow morning.


Ess!! :) said...

Beau is going to be one happy dog, when he comes home, as I am sure you all will be too!! Get the tortillas out, snack time..LOL!

Anonymous said...

Patty said "Wait, how'd you get a picture of Beau if you're still not home? Isn't this done every Sunday morning right at 5:00?"

Old NFO said...

Travel safe, and yeah, I'm betting he'll be estatic!