Sunday, July 01, 2012


Normally, I go to church on Sunday morning, but this morning my daughter was broke-down on the side of the road.  They suspected the throwout bearing.  So, instead of slacks, I pulled on some old jeans and called my buddy, who runs a UHaul place.  In short order I had a towing dolly and we were enroute to my son's house where we pushed the vehicle into his shop.

By 10:30, we had the transmission out and a new bearing installed.  By 12:30 the truck was being test driven.  PawPaw took the truck dolly back to the lot and came home to pour myself a stiff drink and make a big pot of red beans with rice, a meal I've been craving for several weeks.  Then, a nap.

I woke to thunder.  It's raining out there.  I'll probably have to mow grass tomorrow.

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