Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Preventive Maintenance

It's time to start worrying about springtime here in Central Louisiana. Temps today in the mid 70s and we're off and running for the grass cutting season. Thistles abound, and I hear mowers running all over the subdivision. Yeah, yeah, I know. We've still got the Easter cold snap to get through, but the grass is growing. Easter is late this year and it's the middle of March. If a cold snap is coming, it better get busy. Spring is upon us.

The guy across the street has already cut his yard twice.

I don't mind grass cutting, but I hate working on lawnmowers, so this year I started early. I got a new battery to replace the three-year-old one in the riding mower and I made sure the oil was changed and the electrical connectors were sound.

I just went out and started the riding mower and the push mower. Both fired-off with minimal effort. Tomorrow and Friday are long days at the school. We've got an open house scheduled along with a softball game tomorrow and on Friday, we've got both a district track meet and the ROTC military ball scheduled. PawPaw has two long days on tap, so don't look for any blogging till the weekend.

Saturday morning I'll mow the grass for the first time this season.

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Old NFO said...

Sounds like good excuses NOT to mow :-) That's what neighborhood kids are for!