Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bass Tournament

Today, under leaden skies, rain-soaked skies, I helped the Boy Scouts conduct a bass tournament at Woodson's Landing on the Saline-Larto complex. It was a small tournament as such things go, but there were four others in the area and we attracted twenty boats and raised some money for Scouting.

Above, a view of the landing and the tournament stage. We had a fair number of sponsors and were able to give some good prizes, to include a small boat, motor and trailer as a door prize.

The fellow in the Scout shirt weighing the bass is Phillip Kubes. He and I were Scouts together as boys. His dad and mine were best friends.

We had a good time, cooked a bunch of food to share and give away, and told lies to each other. Laughter and fellowship with dear old friends. And we made some money for the Boy Scouts. It was a good day.

The guys that shared my Scouting experience as a youth are all life-long friends. There are so many shared experience, both enjoyable and uncomfortable that shape who we are, what we've done, and how we live our lives today. I like spending time with guys who know that On My Honor is the first oath we shared.

I've taken other oaths during my life, but the one I learned at age 11 has done more to shape my life than any of the others. That first one taught me how to live by an oath.

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Old NFO said...

Agreed! Scouting had a major hand in shaping those of us who went through it. I have never regretted it...