Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Next "Trump Situation"

Google is a powerful company who all but controls what we see, hear, share, and follow on the intertubes.  With great power, comes great responsibility, and we all recall the sage wisdom of power being a corrupting influence.  Google powers almost everything we see on the internet, including the host of this tiny blog.

It seems that Project Vertias was talking with a Google executive who said that Google wants to prevent another "Trump situation".

Elizabeth Warren is talking about breaking up Google, like the government broke up the Bell System in the past century.  If Google is trying to prevent a "Trump Situation".

It seems that Google is trying to influence search results.  I know that Facebook and Google scan media that is uploaded to their platforms and target political media.  I am in a Sheriff's race in a small parish in  Louisiana, and I have to jump through hoops to make my campaign ads publish successfully.

Full video is available at the link above.  Don't search for it on YouTube because it has been deleted by Google.

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