Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tuesday Tires

The brake issue yesterday turned into a non-issue.  Everything works, everything is fine.  The noise vanished, and I believe that it was simply the new shoes getting comfortable in the calipers.  My grandad was a firm believer that disk brakes needed a sort "break-in" period.  He may have been right.

I went to my tire dealer today ad bought new shoes for the van.  We're leaving on vacation in about ten days, and I wanted good brakes and tires.  I've been dealing with this tire store for a decade or so, and he treated me right.  While I was there I did some retail politicing.   That's my life, recently, talking to everyone who will stand still about my candidacy.  I think I picked u a few votes today.

Went to Harbor Freight while I was on that side of town, and got a couple of items  One impulse purchase was a new American flag.  Mine was tattered and faded, and it's time to retire it.  It will be July 4th pretty soon, and I generally change out the flag on Independence Day.

Long may she wave.  Tomorrow, I'll get up and do it all over again.  I believe we'll be mowing at the church tomorrow.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

June 14th. Flag Day and the Army's birthday.

NavyDavy said...

The USO will send you a very nice 3X5 flag for a donation. 1-888-484-3876. You won't receive it for Flag Day but it's kind of a win/win.