Monday, March 19, 2018


We dragged in last night after midnight, fell into bed and had to sleep quickly.  Four hours later, up again to begin Monday.

Texas State was a great shoot, put on by a great club.  Ninety-eight (98) shooters total. 55 men, 35 women, and 8 youth. We shot age-based categories on Friday, the Main Match on Saturday, and speed-based Brackets on Sunday. 

Akarate Zach took 2nd place in Category, and 4th place overall in the main match.
Belle took 2nd in Category, and stayed alive till the 6th round of the Main match.  Eh also shot well in Brackets, staying alive long past where she thought she would be.
Major D participated.  However, I stayed alive in the Main match until the 9th round, where I lost simply because I couldn't find the target.  I never touched steel during that entire match.  I blame myself, the other guy gave me plenty of opportunities. 

After the match was over, I gathered the brass and loaded it in the van.  I have 10K rounds of shotgun primer brass that has to be loaded for Louisiana State in 19 days.  We pass this brass around from club to club to use for large sanctioned shoots, and thankfully, the host club kept the tumblers going till the last minute.  I have very little dirty brass to clean.

Kudos to the Lone Star Gunslingers, who hosted the Texas State Championship.  They did a great job, put on a fine match in a great facility.

Now, the focus turns to Louisiana State.  During the Texas match, I had the opportunity to get face-time with a bunch of folks who are going to help with Louisiana State.  I filled a number of organizational slots that our little club is incapable of filling, and took notes about things that I have to do to make Louisiana State a success.

I also got firm commitments from a number of shooters, with registration fees pad.  Right now, we have shooters coming from WA, TX, OK, AR, KS, WI, IL, KY, GA, and FL.

Here we go!

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Old NFO said...

Good news for the most part. Good luck getting all those rounds primed!!!